Monday, February 02, 2009

I have something in the works...

Something neewwww! Almost almost, well, not quite, but I spent the entirety of sunday smooshing sculpey into a palette of very autumn-y colors (reds and browns and yellow ochres and such) and trying to create a mass of beads for future projects. Last week we hit up the recycling center (which has apparently gotten extremely popular in the past few years) for unique bits (spools, thread and leather scraps).

It was actually over 40 degrees today. Happy Imbolic. :) I wore a floofy new black light wrap frock-type thing with thigh-high off-white and brown striped socks. Hurray spring! (almost spring) Time to break out the lighter clothes! Er, after the cold-snap this coming week.

Things are on hold until my cheap-o laptop arrives in the mail.

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