Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I have too many blogs!

So I'm at work right now and loving it... which probably means I shouldn't be sitting here, relaxing, drinking coffee. (I work at a coffee shop, through next week at least) I'll continue sweeping the floor in a few minutes.

I've realized that i have too many blogs for any one person. I consider this my *professional* art one. Then there's livejournal, most of which is private/friends only. I also tend to update BOTH of the myspace blogs (personal + tangerined...). So I'm thinking.. why not just bring some of that over here? Some consolidation couldn't hurt!

The reason I'm sitting instead of busily tending to customers is due to this awful weather in worcester today. No one should be out in this. It's a decent snow overnight that changed to ice and now rain, causing a huge icy mess and mjor flooding. In 3 hours I've had two customers and the local dairy milk delivery. (It doesn't help that I rely on tips for income!) I was also 10 minutes late because there were lakes to ford on the way! The water had to be 6+ inches deep, if not 8... I didn't realise how deep it actually was until I was mid-way through this whole block's length of length. My only option was to speed up (less damage to the car hopefull) and cross my fingers.

Last night I was stranded due to the initial snow. Fortunately, "stranded" really means "awesome fun time in the snow!". We snow-skated and tramped through inches of powdery fluff until some ass came by and actually plowed. Seriously, the nerve of some people.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I am the greatest of mythical beasts!

Or, at least the weirdest...

My new carrot unicorn horn, first in the line of soon-to-come ultimate ridiculousness for my etsy shop.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Why do I only update when sick?

See... I'm really not sick that often. I just tend to forget to update things when I'm not sick. That whole period between november 21st and the early part of last week? Not sick. Since then? OMG teh flu!

The flu is an awful, horrible thing and should die a miserable death.

Ok, maybe it's partially my fault. I *did* just start a new job where I ended up working 11 hours one day, 9 the next with very little food and sleep. Ooops.

Why am I writing this? Oh yes. I wanted to let it be known that I'm sick and currently working a job away from my delicious little computer and studio. My new listings may be sparse for a small amount of time, my responses might take a little longer than normal. My apologies.