Sunday, April 27, 2008

As assumed...

So, of course... my shop updates have been rather infrequent. It'll be much easier in a few weeks after I move (and no longer get home and go to sleep an hour later). I spent most of the past three days asleep trying to attune to this new, early schedule.

Before I move though, I need to find a car! A nice, wonderful eco-friendly (hopefully) vehicle to get me from place to place. Right now I'm considering purchasing a diesel to convert into a grease car, much more cost effective and somewhat better for the environment at least! I'll keep this blog updated in regards to what happens...

I just learned that my favorite craft store down the road is closing. All my life I've been blessed to live a short car-ride away from Wright's factory outlet. Seriously BEST DISCOUNT CRAFT STORE EVER. I've found ribbon as cheap at 10 cents a yard, knitting needles and crochet hooks for 33 cents... It's always limited to what's on hand, but still, awesome. I'm seriously going to miss this place. Apparently even though the store is doing well, the company is uprooting them and moving it to TN. You lucky folks, hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Job, or why my etsy shop hasn't been updated all week...

So, after over a month of looking I found a job.

Somehow I managed to find something that actually utilizes my experience (bookselling) with my skills (internets!). I'm working for an online book distributor. The main job is entering the books into the system (at a rapid pace!), but my specialty is the wild-goose chases for the mysterious books and creating listings for books that don't exist in the system (gee.. kinda like what I do with my etsy shop!).

It's a little dangerous for me, because I can purchase the books we're listing directly from my employer. OMG BOOKS. I've seen so many that I want already, but I can't buy them all.

I'm hoping that my etsy shop doesn't suffer too much with this new schedule. Right now I'm just trying to adjust to waking up at 5:30 every morning to drive 45 minutes. Soon I'll be moving to an art-friendly location with a much shorter commute. Things will adjust soon. In the meantime, my etsy shop is business as usual, just with fewer listings.