Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My day off...

I'm not exactly great at maximizing my days off. Actually, I'm horrible at it. I'm hoping that actually having a job outside of creating things will inspire better time-management somewhere in my brain, a necessary skill of being your own boss.

This morning I finished up a cute carrot necklace and managed to catch enough sunlight to photograph and list it on etsy.

It's inspired by an old friend, who I ran into at a folk festival a few years ago. (yeah, dirty hippies!) I never expected to see another of my old friends with dreads. ;) She's an amazing artist too and recently opened an etsy shop for her beaded jewelry and art.
Her shop is

She makes the cutest peyote stitch carrot bracelets around!

Hmm, I think it's time to organize my beads or something. ;)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The love of a Squid and his hoop...

Cute, isn't he? I'm so glad this piece is done, photographed, scanned and up on etsy! It's painted on one of the bookcovers I picked up from the recycling center. I love the texture and elements it adds to the painting.

In other news, the sun has finally returned and it's given me the chance to take my hoops outside again! My apologies to everyone who catches a glimpse of my practice sessions, totally dorking out with mutli-colored hula hoops spread-out all over the ground. I'm working on mastering two hoops at once and being able to control them separately (yeah, it isn't easy).

Oh yes, and for all those hooper-wannabes...


or i suppose you could buy one from a reputable DIY hoop-dealer

(or, if you happen to live in central MA, you can order a custom hoop from me!)

<3 and hoops

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Work in Progress

I've been working on this painting for a long time. Not consecutively, but it's something that I started over a year ago and never quite felt that it was finished.

This is what it looked like a few weeks ago:
Here's a photo from today:
I don't think it's quite done yet, but I like where it's going.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Makin' the cute

There's something horribly satisfying about making cute things. I can't explain it, there just *is*. Some nights I dream about adorable fruitsy-kids running around as beautiful chaotic self-made works of art. They wear these in my dream.

Man, I need to make some more of these!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Erm so...

Driving a manual car is actually much harder than I thought it was going to be. Sure, I can start the car and get into second without stalling, that's not the hard part! The impossible part is knowing when to downshift, clutch, break, etc. Hills and pedestrians are my enemy.

I've been spending my time as of late making things and looking for a job... which hopefully means I'll be able to provide even better goodies and promote my etsy shop more! Hurray! I find out about said job tomorrow.

I'm probably too discombobulated with the heat and the night-time to write any more, so here's one of my recent paintings and I'm off to bed!