Tuesday, February 03, 2009

peek sneak!

Here's the first batch after they cooled...

More to come! It's so cold in the basement that it took almost an hour for my toaster oven to get to temp (ack!). This is why I much prefer sculpeying in the warmer months...

Monday, February 02, 2009

I have something in the works...

Something neewwww! Almost almost, well, not quite, but I spent the entirety of sunday smooshing sculpey into a palette of very autumn-y colors (reds and browns and yellow ochres and such) and trying to create a mass of beads for future projects. Last week we hit up the recycling center (which has apparently gotten extremely popular in the past few years) for unique bits (spools, thread and leather scraps).

It was actually over 40 degrees today. Happy Imbolic. :) I wore a floofy new black light wrap frock-type thing with thigh-high off-white and brown striped socks. Hurray spring! (almost spring) Time to break out the lighter clothes! Er, after the cold-snap this coming week.

Things are on hold until my cheap-o laptop arrives in the mail.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

blood or beets?

I was trying to cook a fantabulous dinner last night, using up as many leftovers as possible (although I still missed some mashed carrots!). The theme was beets. Beet casserole (which came out looking very bloody, a casserole in a pool of blood!), beet salad and beet/spaghetti/veggie stir fry (and mashed sweet potatoes, the whole thing was very colorful). While grating beets I accidentally nicked my thumb, and spent a little while trying to decipher blood from beets. (I didn't let any get in the food!)

For a vegetarian, having a faux-bloody meal was pretty exciting.

Home today due to snow (snoooow!). Registering domains, working on website, ordering a reeeally cheap laptop off of woot.com! It's nothing special, but it's affordable and light years beyond this computer from 2001, which runs at the sight of flash.

Oh and art. Always with the art.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reasons to go to the mall..

Most of us, at least in the US, have a mall somewhere relatively nearby. Today, my friends and I decided to go out to the Natick Mall (scratch that, Natick Collections, ooo) which is the most utterly riduculous, useless mall of overpriced designer crap in the area. (they even have condos in the complex, for those folks with too much money who enjoy the mall's comforts a bit too much to ever really leave)

Then again, they do have a lego store.

So we piled into my recently repaired volvo 240 (which, as I realized, is mentioned in "the jeep song", as it's a light blue volvo wagon. Hurray!) and went off.

On the way, we stopped at Toys R Us, (to look at their lego selection). I kinda started yelling a bit when one of the first things we saw was the endcap for "girls night in". PINK board games just for girls! What? Since when did Scrabble or Monopoly need to be FRICKING PINK? The folks coming up with these *brilliant* ideas must be seriously messed in the head. Almost as good as Careers; FOR GIRLS!

Aside from the non-gendered classic toys section (with some sweet blocks, remade vintage toys, a JACK IN THE BOX and those great detailed medieval toys), Toys R Us is a vast, gendered wasteland. Even the legos seem primarily gendered... and lack the awesomeness I remember them having. The girls section is PINK PINK AND MORE PINK. How have we not improved since I was a kid? How are we only slightly beyond this?

The mall was crazy and bland at the same time (go mall!). Although I admit, I'll go back when the American Girl store is up and running just for fun. We got some tea samples at teavana (yum!) and I apologized to the poor guy stocking cups for all of us being jerks. Mostly we just walked around and tried to understand what was going on... Pretty much all of my clothes are from thrift stores. It's a little more time-consuming, and you never know what you're going to find, but I honestly do pretty well. Why would people need all those hideously overpriced bolts of fabric? Why in the world would you shop in a nearly pitch-black environment? I admit that I'm an anti-consumerist who likes things, (art supplies, books, vintage clothes) but I don't understand the need for such a vast wasteland of (overpriced) useless crap. I probably never will. I'd much rather support indie artists and makers any day.

So, I'm still searching for actual reasons to go to a mall... because I always leave in a fit, disappointed with humanity. (Which actually, might be the best reason after all, because I leave with inspiration to improve and change)

In better, less ranty news; I'm starting Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain again. My drawing skills have really gone downhill in the past few years (and I've never been a great fan of proportion) so I'm starting again and will post the results here. Unless they really, horribly suck. Everyone *and* my mom has suggested this book, so I figure it's worth a shot! I'm going to try and draw every single day for the next few weeks, and see what happens.

Yesterday I found a wonderful beret, complete with POM POM and a gigantic spoon. Pictures to follow shortly!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where I am...

So, I suppose I'm officially on an etsy break. My shop is still there, but I'm not working towards adding any new items at the moment.

It's more than that actually. I'm on a mental etsy break. I realized after years of struggling to make enough money to eat (I'm ok now, thank you full time job) and fully diving into etsy, that I lost the very reasons I created in the first place. It's one thing to make something fun, something you know others may enjoy and create with that in mind. That's great if you're trying to run a business. Unfortunately, trying to run a business, however small AND sustain yourself from the perspective of an artist are two very difficult things when intertwined.

I love etsy, I love it, the people who run it, the community and the creativity so deeply. It's a wonderful thing. Unfortunately it's just so easy to lose the art aspect. I'm no longer creating from a central idea, or maturing as an artist. I need to concentrate on that fully and whole-heartedly, without even considering if someone will purchase my piece nor any aspect of selling it... at least, for now.

I have ideas, but they're scattered, so difficult to hold onto long enough to form, mold and comprehend. At the very least, I started painting again a few days ago... nothing special, but I painted for myself. I'm working on an art penpal letter to send to one of my favorite humans (and most amazing artist I know) and making myself sit and draw.

I want to be an artist first, and an etsyian second.

That said... here's what I've been up to...

I started a found fabric cuff the other day, needed to learn how to use my roommate's sewing machine (easy!).

I'm learning tatting. So far I can make a little chain of rings attached to each other via picots, but I haven't found a suitable beginner's pattern yet. I actually really love it, it's so similar to macreme in the patterns and hand motions. I'm hoping to incorporate the tatting into some pieces soon.

I really love feathers.

Drew two bees in two days. I'm still terrified of bees, but I respect them pretty hard too.

When I've figured this out, my etsy shop (maybe as tangerined, maybe not...) will be back up with new pieces.

For now, I'll try to keep updating this blog and posting pictures.

Thank you for reading. <3