Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some days I'm a million different places at once...

Or at least my brain is. This is definitely one of those days.

There are probably 20 different ideas for paintings/drawings/creations that I want to somehow find the way to create all at once, or prior to 6:30 tonight. I have to find a way to concentrate on one idea at a time and get something done.

I haven't updated this blog (I hate that word, it sounds like *slog*) in quite a while, but that'll be changing soon. I've been keeping busy with custom orders, creating bazillions of tiny boobs and painting and selling via etsy. Just last weekend I even got a new (17 year old) car, so I'll be able to attend lots of upcoming craft and art fairs *beyond* walking distance this year! Of course, I have to learn to *drive* a manual first, but I'll figure it out.