Wednesday, January 28, 2009

blood or beets?

I was trying to cook a fantabulous dinner last night, using up as many leftovers as possible (although I still missed some mashed carrots!). The theme was beets. Beet casserole (which came out looking very bloody, a casserole in a pool of blood!), beet salad and beet/spaghetti/veggie stir fry (and mashed sweet potatoes, the whole thing was very colorful). While grating beets I accidentally nicked my thumb, and spent a little while trying to decipher blood from beets. (I didn't let any get in the food!)

For a vegetarian, having a faux-bloody meal was pretty exciting.

Home today due to snow (snoooow!). Registering domains, working on website, ordering a reeeally cheap laptop off of! It's nothing special, but it's affordable and light years beyond this computer from 2001, which runs at the sight of flash.

Oh and art. Always with the art.

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