Saturday, August 18, 2007

So I told you I was making things....

So I'm trying to keep the creative juices flowing (eww...) by creating something every day. I haven't figured out yet if creating a listing on etsy for something made the previous day counts as a something or not yet... but leaning towards not.

Here's a handful of my recent creations...

I taught myself how to make peyote stitch beads last night... man those first few rows are complicated. So much fun once you get going though. This one's in "classic" tangerined citrus colors.

I need more non-boob earrings in my shop. ;) These are based on a design I created years ago, and unfortunately have only one of the old earrings left. At least now I can create more...

These weren't actually made yesterday, but still very recently. I was so sad when they came out of the oven in less-than-perfect condition... (but what can you do?) They're still awesome and make beautiful horns though.

Don't tempt the art yo! Don't do it!!! I'll make MORE!

I just finished another wicked-sweet peyote stitch dread bead... this one's much longer and incorporates my two favorite non-orange colors, chartreusey green and brown. Pictures soon, I should have it up on etsy in a few days at the most.

Hopefully soon I'll stop making jewelry long enough to get in a painting or two??? ;)


Friday, August 17, 2007

So busy making things...

too busy to update my blog. Oops.

I found out a few months ago that the evil tumor in my femur has returned, so I've been trying to utilize my mobility to work and have fun in my free time. (FYI: It isn't cancerous, but a bone tumor known as giant cell. I already have a beautiful 9 inch scar and a leg full of metal plates and screws from my first bought with it two years ago) I've been waiting to hear from my doctor for weeks to determine the date of surgery.

So, as you can imagine... that kind of stuff keeps me very busy. Lately the pain has been getting worse though so I've been spending more time inside making things. I'm trying to make something, ANYTHING every day.

Here's some of the new pretties, a few new takes on my old favorites.

More to come soon!

Oh, before I forget. I plan to try and keep the shop open even while I'm in the hospital. Some good people may be acting as caretakers for a week or two.

<3 <3 <3