Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wee little burnt dudes...

hello., originally uploaded by tangerined.

So I had the grand plan of finishing these little guys up for stART and eventually moving them to their own shop (maybe maybe!).

Yet, I made the mistake of failing to shelter them in the oven with tinfoil (as they're pretty large, for my toaster oven at least).

So they burnt, quite epically.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

stART in the PARK June 1, 2008

stART in the PARK June 1, 2008, originally uploaded by ctomt.

Art in the Park was a good time. I've developed a new kind of sunburn---FISHNETS! The waffle/baked ham effect on my arms is pretty cool. (yes, I used sunscreen.. just not quite enough) Folks really enjoyed the hoops too.

I managed to score a LOVELY blue volvo 240 wagon this week too, so moving has commenced. Or, er, is commencing today. In truth, I really suck as packing. It's a disaster. I've only moved 8+ times in the past few years...

I might have a little moving sale in the etsy shop, just to make my load a tiny bit lighter. The less to move, the better, especially as I'm a horrible pack rat.