Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where I am...

So, I suppose I'm officially on an etsy break. My shop is still there, but I'm not working towards adding any new items at the moment.

It's more than that actually. I'm on a mental etsy break. I realized after years of struggling to make enough money to eat (I'm ok now, thank you full time job) and fully diving into etsy, that I lost the very reasons I created in the first place. It's one thing to make something fun, something you know others may enjoy and create with that in mind. That's great if you're trying to run a business. Unfortunately, trying to run a business, however small AND sustain yourself from the perspective of an artist are two very difficult things when intertwined.

I love etsy, I love it, the people who run it, the community and the creativity so deeply. It's a wonderful thing. Unfortunately it's just so easy to lose the art aspect. I'm no longer creating from a central idea, or maturing as an artist. I need to concentrate on that fully and whole-heartedly, without even considering if someone will purchase my piece nor any aspect of selling it... at least, for now.

I have ideas, but they're scattered, so difficult to hold onto long enough to form, mold and comprehend. At the very least, I started painting again a few days ago... nothing special, but I painted for myself. I'm working on an art penpal letter to send to one of my favorite humans (and most amazing artist I know) and making myself sit and draw.

I want to be an artist first, and an etsyian second.

That said... here's what I've been up to...

I started a found fabric cuff the other day, needed to learn how to use my roommate's sewing machine (easy!).

I'm learning tatting. So far I can make a little chain of rings attached to each other via picots, but I haven't found a suitable beginner's pattern yet. I actually really love it, it's so similar to macreme in the patterns and hand motions. I'm hoping to incorporate the tatting into some pieces soon.

I really love feathers.

Drew two bees in two days. I'm still terrified of bees, but I respect them pretty hard too.

When I've figured this out, my etsy shop (maybe as tangerined, maybe not...) will be back up with new pieces.

For now, I'll try to keep updating this blog and posting pictures.

Thank you for reading. <3

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Rebecca said...

thanks for the comment on my yellow leaf dress sketch.
I actually finally got around to making the real thing while at a residency in september in hot springs, ar.
here's a link to a pic from that.
it was A LOT of tiny yellow pieces to sew on!!! hehe big bird.