Saturday, March 22, 2008

A sleepy day for all...

Today was just one of those days I guess. Sure, some wonderful, weight-lifting things happened, but the majority of the day was so tiring. It seemed like very few people were having a *good* day.

Perhaps that's what happens when spring gets off to such a miserable, cold start? The wind has been destroying everything in it's path and most of us are hiding indoors from the bitter cold.

Still, there are great things to look forward to! My life should change dramatically within the next few weeks/month. (don't even start thinking that I'm pregnant or something, nothing like that)

I'm holding a tiny promotion in my etsy shop at the moment... well the next 5 moments or sales to be precise. I visited hbml last week and purchased a small handful of really awesome handmade 1 inch pins. I'm not going to tell you what's on them, as that's part of the surprise! I kept one for myself though, it's pea-green and says "candy inspector". (I love it because I hate most candy... just give me dark chocolate or espresso beans wrapped in dark chocolate and I'm happy. Or pure maple sugar candy... Plus the pin is an amazing color)

So the deal is, free special, secret pin with the next 5 outgoing orders from my shop! The reason? I like supporting hbml! You should come to worcester and check them out!

Also, a artist-friend of mine might be stealing some shipping envelopes to decorate. I already decorate every single package that goes out, but these would be extra-special one of a kind original pieces. I'll be sure to update when I have more information regarding when this might happen!

Happy bitterly-cold spring time everyone.


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