Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sharkweek/Wet feet

V-day was fun, thanks to everyone who came out! Too bad it was pouring in providence, RI that day. I'd never really been to providence and was so excited to walk around, check out the local shops and eat some delicious sandwiches. (I love delicious sandwiches)

Unfortunately providence seems to lack storm drains, and one thing I absolutely HATE is cold, wet, sneakered feet. The roads were flooded up to 6 inches deep in parts, specifically the parts between me and the car. :( It was a sad, wet-footed day.

I'm hoping to return to providence soon on a dry day, because I got the impression it was an interesting place.

Since then I've been adding new things to etsy, crazy amounts of new things. Something like 20 new items? I'm not even finished yet.

My favorites are the new red uterus earrings and pendant.

I'm calling them "Sharkweek Red".

Yeah, definitely have to make more of these.

1 comment:

Heather Buchanan said...

YES! Hahaha, I love the use of the term "Sharkweek." Your uteruses are fantastic!