Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Things are going well... Last week my doctor approved dropping down to only one crutch and the physical therapist said I could walk without it in my house! Whee! It's already so much easier to get around, to cook food... to do everything. Still not allowed to run or jump or really do anything much, but it's definite progress!

So now that I'm feeling better, I'm trying to conquer this world of making things again. I don't have a setup yet for my polymerclay oven, so I'm not sure how or where I can cure things. Hmm... I'll figure it out soon enough. Currently in the process of trying to clean this tiny room I'm living in, with drawers full of craft supplies everywhere and a broken floor lamp that won't stay together. :( the top broke off the lamp, so it just falls over. I've fixed it with duct tape and chopsticks quite a few times already.

Here's some of my pretties that joined etsy this week:
bullseye necklace.. look at the greeeeeeens!


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