Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The love of a Squid and his hoop...

Cute, isn't he? I'm so glad this piece is done, photographed, scanned and up on etsy! It's painted on one of the bookcovers I picked up from the recycling center. I love the texture and elements it adds to the painting.

In other news, the sun has finally returned and it's given me the chance to take my hoops outside again! My apologies to everyone who catches a glimpse of my practice sessions, totally dorking out with mutli-colored hula hoops spread-out all over the ground. I'm working on mastering two hoops at once and being able to control them separately (yeah, it isn't easy).

Oh yes, and for all those hooper-wannabes...


or i suppose you could buy one from a reputable DIY hoop-dealer

(or, if you happen to live in central MA, you can order a custom hoop from me!)

<3 and hoops

1 comment:

Squiddie said...

I LOVE this painting of the Squid hooping. I am a professional hoop dancer and I go by the name Squiddie so this piece really speaks to me. I would actually love to chat with you about using this image for my business card and maybe on my website (with due credit to you of course) your name, copyright etc. please email me at SquiddieHoops@gmail.com if you can. Thanks!!