Saturday, June 14, 2008

stART in the PARK June 1, 2008

stART in the PARK June 1, 2008, originally uploaded by ctomt.

Art in the Park was a good time. I've developed a new kind of sunburn---FISHNETS! The waffle/baked ham effect on my arms is pretty cool. (yes, I used sunscreen.. just not quite enough) Folks really enjoyed the hoops too.

I managed to score a LOVELY blue volvo 240 wagon this week too, so moving has commenced. Or, er, is commencing today. In truth, I really suck as packing. It's a disaster. I've only moved 8+ times in the past few years...

I might have a little moving sale in the etsy shop, just to make my load a tiny bit lighter. The less to move, the better, especially as I'm a horrible pack rat.

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