Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Up and coming...


This coming Sunday is Worcester's StART in the Park. (PaRk not PAHK) Not to be confused with StART on the Street, our annual shut down, art up festival. This time it's in the park, not on the street... see? Huge difference!

Anyways, I have a table/booth, whathaveyou. I plan to bring hula hoops, some horns, ART and a smattering of not quite so blatant jewelry. Most of the oddments on etsy will be along for the day as well. Maybe even some surprises? ;)

I will be instituting a not so fun policy though. My hula hoops are handmade, I bring them to festivals for folks to have fun and enjoy. These are usually my personal hoops (that I use for practice, fun and performance). Most kids and adults have a lot of fun, but occasionally things get a little crazy. Playing tug of war with, yanking on, and otherwise doing things that obviously bends and kinks the hoops isn't cool, it's akin to messing with/breaking someone's art. It does actually warp and kink them, at which point they're rather useless for me or anyone else to use. This year if I happen to see anyone who seems old enough to understand a nice warning going about and actually breaking the hoops, I will be asking them to leave and for their parents to recoup my supply costs. I think kids are awesome and I WANT to provide a fun and interesting table... but I'm not a babysitter, or at least not when I'm at a show. I've paid for my space just like everyone else.

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